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Full service commercial real estate company focused on industrial property including manufacturing, distribution, and last mile delivery facilities.

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Logistix is a full service commercial real estate company focused on industrial property including manufacturing, distribution, and last mile delivery facilities.

Utilizing over 30 years of experience in the industry, Logistix can effectively leverage your real estate resources to deliver significant value to your company. Founder Doug Swain has senior leadership experience with some of the best regarded companies in the industry which includes an institutional investment company, publicly traded REIT, privately owned firms and one of the world’s largest logistics company.

Corporate Services

Companies today realize the importance of a real estate strategy that considers all aspects of the business operation. A well thought out strategy can save time, money and resources all of which can be focused on the growth and development of the organization.

Logistix can align your real estate strategy with the goals and objectives of your company, providing you with a well thought out strategy for both near-term and long-term plans. Logistix understands the dynamics of the marketplace including where we are in the real estate cycle to allow you to make appropriate decisions about your business. Our vast industry relationships can ensure that you get best-in-class service no matter where your project is located.

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Advisory Services

The marketplace has changed significantly over the past 5 years. Everything from site availability to construction costs to rental rates and capital markets have all evolved and changed rapidly and continue to do so. Understanding these dynamics and where the market is in the current cycle can be the key to ensuring a successful project.

Logistix has valuable experience in the industrial sector and provides consultation and advice for clients in a number of focus areas. Experience with the full life cycle of projects allows you the flexibility to utilize our service with some, a few or all of our services.

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Management Services

Logistix has experience managing small and large portfolios of industrial property. We are aware of the potential issues that can arise and know the best resources and approaches for solving them. Our overall market and industry knowledge can add significant value as owners consider their strategic approach and how best to maximize their value which includes capital planning, marketing strategy and sale timing.

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Data Centers

Logistix leverages 30+ years of expertise and knowledge of the marketplace to provide a full suite of services to the data center industry.  Whether you are an Operator, Cloud Provider or Business Enterprise, we have solutions for you to help grow your business!

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