Our projects depend on good partners who have a desire to enter into long-term mutually beneficial relationships. Our developments are institutional grade class A projects that are designed with current and future functionality in mind in order to maximize value for both merchant development and longer-term hold models.

Logistics and distribution space has long been a favorite product type of investors due to it’s relatively low risk profile. Compared to other sectors, industrial is easier to construct at a lower cost per square foot, generally retains its functionality, is less expensive to re-tenant in the event of lease rollover and has less variability with market demand. The long-term trends of ecommerce and industrial re-shoring ensure that long term demand will continue to grow.

The data center industry is part of the greatest mega trend that will occur in our lifetime. While the data center industry is not new, the exponential need for facilities is and very rapidly expanding due to the proliferation of cloud applications and AI. We have spent considerable time understanding this sector and are confident of the abundance of opportunity and our ability to invest in it.

Logistix has experience with a number of partnership structures and we are able to customize a solution which works best for your organization. We are currently speaking with a variety of partners which include family offices, private equity and institutional funds and organizations.

Please contact us to learn how we can help you achieve your investment objectives in these exciting sectors.

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